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Test Kits

The Manufacturer PRIMA Lab SA is a dynamic Swiss Company, highly focused on the international market. Thanks to its specific know-how and to the wide experience of its team, it offers high quality products of attested reliability, accordingly to the most strict qualitative international standards. The products, currently both on European and extra-European countries, have been studied and tested in eminent private institutes, hospitals and universities in order to comply to the specific clients requirements (pharmacists, doctors, patients, etc.).

The main focus is the preventive diagnostics developed for the most common pathologies. The solutions can be suggested and managed by different professionals. In a world where people are always more and more involved in the payment for their health and they’re more informed and in some way more advanced under the scientific-sanitary profile, they become themselves supporters of their well-being. In virtue of this enhanced awareness, it’s the public himself to ask to the utmost reference people – the pharmacist and the doctor – services and specific products in order to satisfy le new needs not only concerning the care but above all on the prevention. The pharmacists together with the general pratictioners and specialists (such as nutritionists, gynecologists, urologists, cardiologists, etc.) have a key role in the promotion of the active prevention, even as an excellent way to decrease the global health expenditure: PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE (and actually it costs less!!).

The widest variety of pathologies – to start from the ones most widespread such as the ones regarding the cardiovascular, thyroid and prostatic areas to the ones caused by bacteria of difficult eradication such as Tetanus or Helicobacter pylori – has been contemplated measuring the parameters than can detect their presence and allow their screening. PRIMA Lab SA provides its diagnostic instruments for:

  • patients with the self-testing kits, easy to use and with very quick results reading;
  • medical analysis laboratories and specialistic institutes with professional Point of Care instruments;
  • pharmacies with instruments Point of Care certified for the self-testing usage.


The Company put in the highest degree the quality at all levels:

  • Techology and raw materials:
    we collaborate only with Italian and European suppliers complying with the strictest quality certifications and we carefully monitor every production step.
  • Professionality:
    in the customer service and in the post-sales assistance.
  • Innovation
    we anticipate times and needs developing specific products complying with the needs of a wide variety of people with convenient and concrete solutions.


PREVENTION is the Company main focus.
Generally speaking, the prevention is performed in order to promote people health, looking for prematurely the risk factors and detecting the pathologies at the aim to guarantee a better life expectancy and to identify proper assistance and rehabilitative pathways. However, the prevention usually is disregarded molto since it’s surpassed by a clinical research still highly based on the illness cure. To prevent implies an overall view, also considering the people life style and therefore implying the individual and collective behavior. In order to do that, it’s important to ‘educate’ instead of ‘visit’ people; it’s fundamental to make people aware that their actions and choices influence their own health, by a cultural change in their everyday life. Considering all the prevention actions included in our day routine and, therefore, automatically performed since long tome ascertained: the car servicing, the car inspection, etc.

At the same way, also prevention as diagnostics can become a daily action and a very good way to monitor the state of health of our body in order to preserve our well-being.